Effective Teaching and Learning (ETL) Training for Teachers in Chanleas Dai Commune

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Effective Teaching and Learning (ETL) Training for Teachers in Chanleas Dai Commune

Training for teacher in Chanleas Dai

Photo credit: The SAS Team

The Sahakoom Apeewaht Sala (SAS) team at PEPY has begun working more closely with school communities to determine the obstacles to graduation and the causes of student drop out. Once they discovered that a major cause is lack of quality teaching, the SAS staff began to invite master teachers out to Chanleas Dai on a yearly basis, with the aim of improving the quality of instruction. A typical background for a master teacher involves:

  • 1-2 years of theory training at the Teacher Training Center
  • 3-5 years experience in teaching at a general school after graduating from the Training Center
  • 2 additional years of learning how to teach teachers. In addition to continuing to hone professional skills during this time, this period of training also involves theory, short course trainings, research, and team observation of teaching methodology

Since 2010, the SAS program has welcomed instructors from the Teacher Training College (TTC) of Siem Reap to train community teachers in Chanleas Dai commune. This year, instruction was given to more than 20 teachers from 3 different schools of SAS’s target area, Chanleas Dai commune, including Chanleas Dai, Prasat Knar, and Run primary schools.

There are three stages of evaluation in the school year:

1. TTC experts observe the quality of teaching methods.

2. After assessment, the TTC instructors determine the main points that community teachers need to improve on. This year, targeted areas for improvement included lesson plans, effective teaching material, and teaching methodology.

3. To ensure the first round of feedback and training is implemented well, the TTC staff follow-up and observe teachers again at a later date. If the original material has not been mastered, the material is retaught. In addition, the TTC educators also share information about the importance of Children’s Rights.

This month, SAS hired a new staff member, Chanchorvy Hai, who has a lot of experience in teaching. Her Bachelor’s Degree is in Education of Management from the Battambang Regional Teacher’s Training Center. In addition, she has taught at Junior High School from 1984-1998, and has spent the last two years as a National Teacher Trainer.

Chorvy will work with SAS to guide the Effective Teaching and Learning program in the future. PEPY’s SAS staff will also work more closely with community teachers to better assist them in their teaching methodology. Hopefully this process will help community teachers share ideas, experiences, and teaching methodologies with their peers to improve the quality of education in their own communities.