In our target areas, communities are rural and remote. Young people and their families do not see many opportunities for themselves outside of construction work, agriculture, and migrating legally/illegally to Thailand to support their incomes. As a result, education is not valued and drop out rates are high, while the cycle of poverty repeats. 

We started the Dream Management Project in 2013, realizing that youth and their families cannot know the value of education and the potential it can have on their lives without being exposed to possible futures and career paths. We believe it is important for young people to dream BIG and understand how those dreams can be made into a reality. Through our program, we provide the resources and connections to take the necessary steps to realizing that future. 

Our elective Dream classes for students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 (pivotal years when the majority of youth drop out) provide a forum for students to discuss and realize what opportunities can be in their futures and challenges they may need to overcome, as well as career resources, mentorship, soft skill training, scholarships, and networking opportunities. Other major Dream events include: 

  • Skill Fairs: Annual school wide event bringing professionals, employers, and universities to the rural schools to offer advice and information on potential career paths to students.
  • Sharing Events: School wide motivational and awareness raising speaking events bring professionals from across the country to share their experiences.
  • Dream Talks: Brings local professionals, leaders, and alumni to Dream classes for students to ask questions and learn about different career paths and challenges. 

Our Impact:

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