Donor Feature: Anne, Rakesh, and Laura

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Donor Feature: Anne, Rakesh, and Laura

By Eric Boehling and Tyler Roy

We often have the fantastic
luck to come across fundraising superstars—trip participants and outside
advocates who combine their passion for development with a large dose of
entrepreneurial initiative. We’d like to highlight some of the creative and
engaging ways that many of you have chosen to raise money whilst simultaneously
bringing awareness about PEPY to your friends and family.  Thank you!

Taco Extraordinaire

Anne, a native Texan and PEPY
Ride V rider, has a homegrown love of tacos. Alas, she now lives in a remote
part of Japan, completely bereft of Mexican restaurants. Where others might
have viewed this culinary dearth as nothing more than an unfortunate
predicament, Anne saw a valuable opportunity.

A restaurant in her town
called One Day Chef allows you to rent their space—about $10 buys all-day
access to their kitchen and dining space. Anne and a few eager friends booked
the venue, scoured the town for ingredients, and then set to cooking. After a
bit of Facebook messaging, emailing, and good old fashioned word of mouth, Anne
and her friends were serving their Central American delicacies to scores of
hungry patrons. The day was a smashing success and there were several requests
for a repeat of the savory event. They ran out of food in under two hours, with
customers clamoring for more of the exotic delight!

Anne is happy to comply with
all the enthusiastic requests, and has planned another taco day. Building on
the popularity of her first endeavor, she’s likely to raise even more money in
the upcoming event. What’s more, she’ll also be selling (for a donation of $5
or more) packets of her homemade taco seasoning, which the satisfied customers
say is tastier than anything found in the supermarket. What enthusiasm!

Philanthropic Footballer

For a British man, what could
be better than watching a spirited football (soccer) match? ‘Playing in one!’
says Rakesh. Rakesh is also joining The PEPY Ride V and he decided to put to
good use the sports enthusiasm of his friends and friends of friends (and so
on) by organizing a sports day that featured a five-players-per-team soccer
tournament. The footballers had a blast partaking in the adrenalin-fueled
event, and in the process they donated and—equally important—learned about
where their donations were going.

This creative fundraising
endeavor was just the start for Rakesh. Using the enthusiastic momentum created
by the football event, he created yet another donation-driven sports day, this
time an indoor speed-cricket tournament of eight teams! Hiring the tournament
locations was no sweat, Rakesh reports, as the proprietor gave a fifty percent
discount upon learning that the events would support education in rural

But Rakesh’s acuity for
motivating donor support is not limited to sportsmen. Past fundraising
initiatives have included a bake sale at work as well as a movie night at a
local pub. ‘You don’t have to have expertise to pull these events off’, Rakesh
notes. He’s no pro in the kitchen, but a few friends were happy to help with
the baking. And as for the movie night, not only did attendees donate to the
cause, but the pub owner kindly provided free snacks to sweeten the event.

Pssst!  If you like football (aka soccer!) as well
and you live in Japan, you should join the semi-annual ALT Soccer
Tournaments!  Held in both Northern and
Southern Japan, these tournaments are not only a great way to meet other sports
enthusiast (and novices alike!), but also support PEPY!  A portion of the sign up fee goes to
PEPY!  Check out the tournaments here

Hiroshima Live

Laura Graham, PEPY’s official
representative in Japan, is always looking for ways to help us out.  Her
latest fundraiser — a live concert — was a huge success.  Four
incredibly talented guitarists, Darren Carter, David Ding, Jinda Lee
Lehmann, and Justin Deming showed up and gave a live performance at a small
cafe/bar in Hiroshima.  The show brought down the house, and everyone
involved had an amazing time while learning a lot about PEPY and our programs!


Laura and the musicians were
able to raise more than $300 to improve PEPY’s programs, all while having a
great time in a tiny space. Way to go, Laura, and a big thanks to all the
musicians, participants, and donors that joined the party!

Fundraising Tips

People often ask us for
fundraising ideas, so we wanted to highlight these recent examples to show the
range of ways our supporters have raised funds for PEPY.  These three
fundraisers didn’t just ask for money but also gave donors an experience they
were looking for in return.  Whether it is their first taco or a chance to
play their favorite sport, these three PEPY supporters realized that their
friends would appreciate the initiative they took to offer a valuable experience
along with the opportunity to invest in education in Cambodia. 

When fundraising, remember
that people like to know information about where their money is going.  We
love it when people share information about PEPY’s programs as it helps to
spread awareness about our work and also hopefully influence the attitudes of
donors.  If you need more information about our programs for an upcoming
fundraiser (or for pure curiosity!), visit us at or reply to
this email and ask us some questions…. we’re happy to answer!

One final tip: don’t be shy
when it comes to enlisting others for help. You will be surprised at how many
people are looking to be a part of something worthwhile who will offer to help
if you ask! Thanks for taking your time to support PEPY!