PEPY’s Scholarship Fundraising Campaign to support 2018-19 Scholarship students is now over! Thank you so much for your support! We did not quite reach our goal, BUT we are continuing to collect donations if you missed out!


More about the campaign:

Our goal: $16,000 – this is enough to fully cover 4 of these students in the Scholarship Program (tuition fees, healthcare, bicycle, living allowance, mentoring, inclusion in extracurricular events and workshops, and access to the Learning Center). Great news: the first $5,000 will be matched by one of our donors!


Deadline: June 29th!

How you can help: donate, share our campaign with your friends and family, or connect us with businesses or organizations that are interested in promoting educational equality and youth empowerment in Cambodia! In order to help you share our fundraising efforts with your networks, we have created a shareable fundraising page for you to use!

Why now? PEPY’s Scholarship Program staff have just begun recruitment of new students in our target areas. While they vet applications and prepare for interviews and home visits, YOU can help by ensuring they are supported!

Why you should help: students who are accepted into the PEPY Scholarship Program are extremely dedicated, but also have faced a lot of challenges in their education due to financial disadvantage. By supporting next year’s Scholarship students, you are investing in the futures of deserving students who will serve as role models in their communities, and who almost always choose careers based on their desire to improve the well-being of others or the development of Cambodia.

Visit PEPY’s Facebook page to see the progress of the Scholarship Fundraising Campaign, which will be posted about every Friday until the end of June!

Sokhom’s story of change is inspiring — her determination to stay in school and support her family helped her get a scholarship, continue her education, and work to develop (gender e)quality of electrical engineering in Cambodia.


We asked PEPY students why scholarships are important to them, and how they will use them in the future. Their responses are so moving and thoughtful! 


How does a PEPY Scholarship make an impact on the lives of recipients and their communities? You can get an idea of how former PEPY students are using the support they received and what their employers think of their skills by watching this video: