Create your own PEPY Tour!

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Create your own PEPY Tour!

While we strive to provide the most interesting itineraries and comfortable schedules, we recognize that our standard tours might not suit everyone. Whether you have unique time constraints, the desire for a different style of travel or your own exciting itinerary ideas, PEPY Tours can create a trip for you – based on your own terms. Our on-the-ground experience has given us an intimate knowledge of Cambodia and this, paired with a keen sense of adventure and a passion towards sustainable development, means that we can create a unique tour to accommodate your every need.

Whether you want to visit the misty Cardamom mountains of the West, the deep jungle home to a range of minority hill tribes in the East, the serene deserted islands of the South, the remote jungle-clad temples of the North or any other place that fuels your imagination, PEPY Tours can make it happen.


Have a group already? Family, friends or co-workers? The hardest part is behind you! Just tell us what you want, or pick from existing itineraries and leave it to us to put together an exciting tour that will suit all your needs. Even harder to resist is our on-going promotion: Get together 5 people for a customized group tour and the 6th person comes free! Grab five friends and come join us!


Not an organized-tour person? No need to worry about accommodation and transportation or building an itinerary; leave that to us and enjoy the adventure. Have a dream itinerary already? We can help you bring that to life, too!

For independent cyclists; we can rent the bikes, panniers, GPS units, cell phones, and all the other gear you might need to make your cycling tour happen, without having to carry necessary weight from home. We can provide a full detailed itinerary with guesthouse names and numbers, suggested places of interest, and optional routes. We will also drop your gear off and pick it up at your start and end locations. We can even connect you to our friends along the way if you want some company for dinner as you go. You have all of the benefits of a tour, but you can to lead the explorations on your own!

PEPY can also create customized, corporate team building tours designed to inspire you and your co-workers to work together on a project outside of the office. An adventure tour or service program is a great way to offer your staff a new and eye-opening experience, which will create team bonding that will continue to have effects once you step back into the office. These trips can be designed with your HR team to also incorporate evening events facilitated either by our experienced trip leaders, or by your co-workers themselves.

Past participants who have traveled with us have said the team building tours changed their whole perspective at work and helped them to work better as a team. This is how one PEPY participant reflected on his trip:

“My whole office experience is different now. I used to walk in and out of work rushing to get home and now some of my closest friends are at work. The bonding we shared in Cambodia brought us closer together and put me in touch with other people on our staff who I otherwise wouldn’t have spoken with. This has helped me both in my personal and professional life.” – Emirates Airlines Employee


To be honest (don’t tell the other groups!), these are some of our favorite trips. We have offered a range of educational experiences from middle school groups who travel with our tour leaders on week-long rural homestays, learning directly about agricultural developments from community members in their villagesto university trips focusing on social entrepreneurship research. We love working with students! We can design educational tours around a given topic such as; sustainable development, “lessons learned” through PEPY, social entrepreneurship, Angkorian history, and many more, or as a broad overview of the country. We have collected hundreds of articles on these topics over the years and can assign pre-tour reading or facilitate sessions in the evenings where we research and debate contrasting development topics. There are a range of learning experiences available for your students and these trips can be designed for any size and any age (remember, PEPY trip participants have been from ages 6 to 89!).

Come join us with your students, as the school trip leader joins for free!


Group Size: Anywhere from 1 person, up! Bring your friends or come on a private custom tour…. We’re flexible!

Departure dates: Flexible – choose your own dates
Tour Leader:  An experienced English speaking tour leader can accompany every trip. Depending on our staff availability at the time, tour leaders may be available in Japanese or Arabic, so please ask in advance. Accommodation: Choose any style and budget to suit your needs and we will do our best to find the best options in every location. From rustic backpacker trips to comfortable family vacations or romantic couple’s getaways, we are happy to suit your needs. In all cases we look to match you up with the most responsible options, including locally owned accommodation or higher end hotels which have well respected NGO arms and work to be environmentally sustainable.

Transport: Depending on your itinerary needs, your trip can include walking, cycling, public transportation, private vehicles, “bamboo trains” (don’t ask, just try!), or boats.

Fundraising Fee: PEPY’s priority is first and foremost about a commitment to improving livelihoods of local communities, particularly through education as well as responsible tourism. That is why all PEPY tours, whether customized or not, include a fundraising fee that goes directly towards supporting our educational projects, as well as projects of other grassroots NGOs. The fee is proportionate to the length of the trip and number of participants and will be determined based on your itinerary needs. If you have further questions about how this works, please visit our cost breakdown page where you can see exactly where your money will go.

Inclusions: The tour can be as inclusive or exclusive as you desire. For our independent tours, we can do as little as suggest an itinerary and help you book accommodation and transportation, to guiding you on a comprehensive all-inclusive adventure with every meal, activity, entry fee, spa package, and any other detail you are interested in already built in. The level of our involvement is entirely up to you.

Drop us an email and find out how we can help make your dream vacation a reality and how that dream vacation can also help support education programs in rural Cambodia. Cool, huh? We think so too! See you soon!