Contemplating the future of our JHS work

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Contemplating the future of our JHS work

2013 was a big year of solidifying and transition. To work towards our new goal of increasing the percentage of high school graduates accessing skilled employment, we reviewed our programs to ensure our work led us closer to achieving this goal. Lots of programs ended, and others were introduced (Learning Center) or expanded (Scholarship and Dream Programs). 2013 wasn’t alone; in 2014 we also face some important transitions.

IMG_5596This year marks the end of our English and Creative Learning Classes at Chanleas Dai Junior High School (JHS). As always with PEPY, we want this work to be owned by the community, and have been striving for the JHS teachers to manage this work for themselves into the future. Over this current academic year, our project facilitators at the JHS have been working tirelessly to engage, train, motivate, and empower government school teachers to manage the projects independently.

Sometimes, things don’t always go as we originally envisage. PEPY was finding difficulties in handing over the projects to the government school teachers. One of PEPY’s core philosophies is to be thoughtful in our plans. So, it was time to think seriously how we wanted to move forward in light of the challenges we faced. We needed to consider if we should continue the projects for another year, push the work on others more strongly, or reallocate these resources to those who are more determined to make it work.

Future of Junior High School PEPY Programs

The following presentation will give you an overview of how we plan to transition out of programs at Chanleas Dai JHS…

Sharing the Lessons we’ve Learned

We’re delighted to share with the public and NGO community around the world our Lesson Learned Manuals on our work at Chanleas Dai JHS. Everybody can download these for free, here:

PEPY would like to take this opportunity to thank all our fabulous donors who over the years have contributed financial and physical (e.g. donated LEGO and iPads etc) investments to this work. A special thanks goes to Seng, Pov, and Sreythor, who have managed this work with passion and creativity – the team will miss working with you very much. Finally, thank you to the students of Chanleas Dai who inspire us daily to improve what we do through their hard-working attitude and commitment to education.