Child-to-Child Program Reaching New Heights

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Child-to-Child Program Reaching New Heights

By: Maryann Bylander, Managing Director

The past few months have been busy for our Child to Child Team!  With
several Child Educators beginning to study at University, and one new
mother on our team (congratulations Sak!), we have been seeking out new
assistants and educators to help spread the team’s workload, to allow
us to start new clubs, and to facilitate our new Youth Club pilot we
plan to start next month.  

with the hiring of new team members, PEPY’s Community Program Manager
Khouth Awatd organized two trainings for the Child Club Team and
interested young people. 
In October, more than twenty participants joined us for the first training, a practical introduction to the Child to Child methodology. 
After discussing different active learning techniques, the different
levels of child participation, and the ideas and methodology behind
Child to Child, participants held their own mini-clubs.
  Working with groups of students from the area, participants led afternoon workshops on the importance of healthy teeth; working with students to research the importance of tooth care, to learn what most families do in the area do to care for their teeth, and finally to create a drama on how to effectively care for our teeth.   

Last week, the same group participated in the second week-long workshop, an activity oriented Life Skills training, which included 4 days on PEPY’s first Low Ropes Adventure Course!  To see pictures from the training, click here!  

the mastermind behind the ropes course and the Life Skills training,
had her first experience with ropes courses while volunteering for a
youth organization in
Phnom Penh.  On a weekend retreat, her group visited Cambodia’s only adventure park, located in the deep jungles of Preah Vihear province. 
The retreat focused on life skills such as teamwork, problem solving,
critical thinking and creativity, using high and low ropes course
activities to engage young people in pushing themselves to work
together and find solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.
  Often, that meant pushing past fears and encouraging each other to trust in the ability of the team to support one another.  They created human-supported bamboo ladders and climbed across blindfolded.  They did trust falls and carried each other over imaginary walls.   They found ways to work together without speaking while walking across raised logs.  Throughout the week, they grew confident in their abilities.  They saw that tasks they at first imagined impossible, in fact only required some thinking and teamwork. 

we interviewed Awatd one year ago for a position at PEPY, she told us
how much her experiences on this particular weekend had meant to her,
and how one of her goals was recreating this experience for others
Cambodia.   She spoke about how she had recreated parts of this training for students in the village she had worked in during her time as a volunteer in rural Cambdoia.  Less than ten minutes into the interview, we knew that we found someone we wanted to join our team.   This summer, Awatd accompanied the four PEPY students who attended Camp Sangmon in Vermont. 
During her time there she worked as a counselor on Sangmon’s ropes
course as well, building her confidence in running her own small course
and facilitating different leadership activities.

to her dreams, Awatd has helped us create our own mini ropes course,
borrowing, buying, creating, and modifying local materials to make as
many of the activities as possible from what she had seen.  Over
young people from Chanleas Dai have spent the last 4 days moving across
giant toothpicks, working as a team to “walk” together across the
pagoda grounds, finding ways to move their teams over obstacle courses,
through spider
s webs, and trusting each other to lead, support, carry, and catch one another. 

the laughter, teambuilding and fun, we hope the training encourages
young people to believe in their own abilities to solve problems, work
with others effectively, and reach their goals.
   We’re also excited for the 5 new part-time child club educators we have hired!  After two weeks of training, working together and learning with one another, we have a strong team ready to begin the new year.   

Do you know about our Child Club Program?  Would you like to get involved?

are currently looking for Child Club sponsors for 2010! Can you help by
sponsoring one of our pre-existing or planned Child Clubs?
  If so, please send an e-mail to