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Thavry's art
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Thavry’s Art

Thavry Thun has been working at PEPY for over 6 months and has been an inspiration to all.  She studies IT in a class of 54 people, 53 of them are boys.  She is from a small island outside of Phnom Penh where was one of very few people to …

Meas Vanna Aline
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Meet PEPY’s Khmer Staff


Meas Vanna Aline Nuch Kimline Yang Srey Touh

Meas Vanna Aline                         Nuch Kimline                                 Yang Srei Touh

Country Manager                        Accountant                                   School Librarian


An Aim
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New faces at PEPY

We have seven new faces at the PEPY Ride school and in our Siem Reap office.  Check them out!   Aim lives next door to Chanleas Dai, so he has been a firsthand witness to PEPY’s programs for the past 3 years.  After graduating 12th grade, Aim was not able …

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Our wonderful Cambodian Staff!

This year, PEPY’s Cambodian staff has grown like Jack’s beanstock! PEPY is so proud of these individuals who are personally committed to learning and growing and are thereby helping the organization grow.  This caring and genuine team truly represent Cambodia’s bright future

Let’s meet some of these amazing PEPY people!

In Chanleas Dai (aka the PEPY Ride School)

  English Teaching staff:



 Tolors – He is a PEPY English Teacher for the 4th year though this year teaching at the Junior High School.  He has also served as the PEPY Ride School Program Manager for the past year.


 Sarrak – A new English Teacher at Chanleas Dai Primary School who comes from the local area.












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PEPY Updates

With the start of the Cambodian New Year, we have a number of new developments. Things are moving quickly here with Aline and Maryann working much of the time out in Chanleas Dai. We are looking into building an office there, and have been generously donated land from the Commune near the new Junior High School in Chanleas Dai. These plans are still in the beginning stages, but we are excited to be moving some staff to have a more permanent presence in the community. Our hope is to build an office that will also have an English and Computer classroom for secondary students so that they can continue their studies in English and Computers after 6th grade.

Project Updates:

  • Maryann and Rotha accompanied the 8 AUW Scholars to Chittagong, Bangladesh in late March. The girls are settling into life there and we are keeping updated on their progress.
  • The Teacher Award Program is in place and will conclude in July. We have a point-based system that includes teacher attendance, student follow up, parent-association evaluations and also student attendance and learning information. Successful teachers will receive food items and also a cash supplement in July.
  • We continue to learn about the new XO laptops, and children are using them daily in the classroom and taking them home for projects. Though our computer learning programs are still developing, the children are engaged in and excited about the program (as are we).
  • We have started a partnership with CIST, a two year IT vocational training center outside of Phnom Penh. We will give presentations with CIST at two high schools in Siem Reap this month, allowing 12th graders to apply to attend their trainings. Acceptance is based on test scores, motivation interviews, and a thorough needs assessment. Our hope is that a few bright students from our area will be selected and then sponsored by PEPY for CIST’s trainings to show successful models of the benefits of education.