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Graduation in Chanleas Dai

The PEPY Team Journal

lauraOn July 22nd, Chanleas Dai Primary School celebrated their graduation day. The day featured guest speakers, awards for high performing students and teachers, and the presentation of the third class of PEPY’s Bike-to-School Program bikes. This year, due to a food shortage and fear of another year of near-drought conditions, a gift of rice was also included in the graduation ceremony. Laura Bradley, a new intern with PEPY, reflects on the day.

Welcome to PEPY, Laura!

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With graduation just a week away, we are busy preparing for a Bike-to-School Ceremony: tabulating teacher attendance and bonuses, coordinating our last food distribution for students in the area, and doing our final eco-club evaluation of the year at eight schools. Though we feel that we know our failures and …

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Back to School With New Bikes and New Ideas

The PEPY Friends School and PEPY Ride School came back to life this October after the long holiday. Both schools held opening ceremonies this month, with new PEPY programs and support. In addition, the PEPY team was able to spend and share time with the delightful students and teachers, and remember why it is we do what we do.