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PEPY Vision Starts at Home

Our vision is a future where all young Cambodians are empowered to achieve their dreams. And when we say all, we mean all. Not just the students in the schools we work with in Kralanh District, but students across the country. And not just students either, all young Cambodians. Therefore, …

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Words of wisdom from the PEPY family

If you know PEPY well, then you know that we love quotes! We share them around the office and with new friends we meet to inspire each other. We compiled a collection of quotes from current and past PEPY staff and volunteers that can be shared with your friends and …

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PEPY staff retreat

This month PEPY was able to go on a much anticipated staff retreat. Heading south the week before Khmer New Year, PEPY staff and volunteers where able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and surroundings of Sihanoukville from April 8th-11th. Taking the trip down in a group bus, the PEPY family …