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PEPY’s Incubator Program: Cultivating diversity & creativity for youth entrepreneurs

“Great entrepreneurs have the ability to change the way we live and work, on local and national bases. If successful, their innovations may improve standards of living, and in addition to creating wealth with entrepreneurial ventures, they also create jobs and contribute to a growing economy. The importance of entrepreneurship …

Varin Sharing Event
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Varin’s First Sharing Event: A Step Towards Success

PEPY’s Dream Management Project offers rural high school students the opportunity to begin to picture and plan a future for themselves by furthering their studies. For students in communities that are far outside of the city, lack of exposure can be one of the greatest barriers to continuing their education. …

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Students Implement Community Payback Projects

Once a year, the new intake of Scholarship students do community payback projects in PEPY’s target communities focused on issues that they determine to be key obstacles to development. The experience also helps the students to build their communications, program management, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills. They learned about …

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New Perspectives from Cambodia-Ireland Exchange

This year’s Cambodia to Ireland Exchange, made possible by the Irish National Teacher’s Organization (INTO), was an invaluable opportunity for participants from both countries to gain cultural awareness, learn from different perspectives and approaches, and build upon and create relationships across borders. 2 PEPY staff members, Dena By and Konnitha …

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Skills Fair in Kralanh High School

On 22 March 2019, PEPY’s Dream Management Project hosted the annual Skills Fair Event at Kralanh High School which aims to increase students’ awareness of opportunities after high school, including what kind of major they should pursue to fit with their dreams as well as current and future job markets, …