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Green PEPY Bracelets

Those of you who have participated in PEPY trips or held large fundraising events in the past may be familiar with the green PEPY “charity bracelet”. These are just like the many other super trendy charity bracelets you see decorating the wrists of celebrities in support of breast cancer research, aids prevention, making poverty history, and so on….and I have a huge box FULL of them, for your fundraising pleasure. We recognize that these PEPY bracelets may be green in color, but they are not so “green” in the environmental sense.  However, as they were purchased for us in bulk at the start of PEPY, we think it is still more “green” to have them be used and worn on wrists than sitting in a box. 

Although the “charity bracelet” craze may have faded a little around the world, we are lucky that here in Japan, as all things kawaii (cute) always seem to stay as an “in thing”. Not to mention, it’s an accessory, it’s cute, and it’s for a good cause…it’s a piece of cake to flog these bad boys.

So here are a few ideas for spreading the green love, accessorizing the Japanese masses, and making some money for PEPY.

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The Sakaeya Kimono Shop

Support the SAKAEYA Kimono Shop and support PEPY! The Sakaeya Kimono Shop is a total Kimono services shop located near Tokyo. Owned and operated by the family of PEPY fundraiser and February 2008 rider Kahori Ochi, the shop has been in the business of selling quality custom-made and secondhand Kimonos …

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A Message to JETs:

Hello JETS!

The PEPY Ride SIG is a group for people who want to get involved in NGO work, the development of a growing non-profit organization, and who are interested in getting involved in volunteering during their time in Asia. The PEPY Ride was founded by former JETs and the JET community continues to support this growing project through fundraisers, awareness activities and other forms of support.

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PEPY Fundraising Events in Japan

Many people take the initiative to sponsor fundraising events in their own towns. We also have a number of huge events in Japan that raise general funds for PEPY, such as the Tokyo Scavenger Hunt, ALT Soccer Tournaments, and the Shizuoka Fun Run. Join in the fun, or start your …