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Bio-diesel truck – press release


PEPY Tours, an adventure and volunteer tour operator based in Cambodia, recently purchased a bio-diesel powered truck to support its operations and help promote responsible travel. PEPY Tours offers adventures that incorporate learning opportunities, volunteer activities, and interaction with people who are part of long-term development programs in Cambodia. The truck, powered by clean burning bio-diesel produced from recycled cooking oil, is used to transport guests, baggage and supplies during trips, and promotes environmentally-conscious modes of transport.

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Sarah Kistler’s PEPY article published in the Capilano Courier

Sarah Kistler, participant on PEPY’s August Sustainable Development Tour writes about her experiences in the Capilano Courier.  Thanks so much Sarah for writing such a well written article describing your journey to Cambodia with PEPY! Preview: “The Cambodia of today is completely different from that of 30 years ago, when …

Students and Teachers at Literacy Camp
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PEPY Literacy Camp Press Release


Students and Teachers at Literacy CampFrom September 15th-20th, PEPY, a non-governmental organization working to improve education in Cambodia, is holding its first Khmer Literacy Camp in Chanleas Dai Village, Siem Reap Province.  The aim is to instill the value of reading and Khmer literacy in students through an active and engaging one week camp.  PEPY is working with local Chanleas Dai teachers, as well as experienced teachers from Phnom Penh to manage the classes and activities for the 300 students involved.  

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‘Live What You Give’ – An Interview with Daniela

The PEPY Team Journal This month Daniela gave an interview to Oh My News journalist Tania Campbell. In the interview Daniela explains why she thinks there is a steadily increasing interest in volun-tourism and how PEPY will play a role in this emerging market. To read the interview please click …

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Self Magazine Features PEPY

The PEPY Team Journal

SelfThis months issue of Self Magazine includes a quick introduction to volun-tourism opportunities across the world. We are delighted that Self found us and decided to feature the upcoming PEPY Ride IV in their listings.  To see a copy of the article click read more.