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Ravy – A pioneering scholarship student

Ravy Vath was awarded a PEPY scholarship in 2012. He was one of the first students from Kralanh to be awarded a scholarship and move to Siem Reap in order to study at university and attend the PEPY Learning Center. He has made huge progress since receiving the scholarship and …

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Collaborate, inspire and make double the difference!

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X PEPY helps students to dream big, arm themselves with resources and skills and create a brighter future for themselves through education. By taking the time to read this you are …

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Words of wisdom from the PEPY family

If you know PEPY well, then you know that we love quotes! We share them around the office and with new friends we meet to inspire each other. We compiled a collection of quotes from current and past PEPY staff and volunteers that can be shared with your friends and …

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A taxi ride conversation on family struggles and a love for learning

My first experience with PEPY was in 2009/2010 when I did the PEPY Ride to raise money for PEPY’s education projects. I decided to come back to do a long-term volunteer position with the Communications Team to learn more about Cambodia and contribute back to the organization. Being in the …

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Heroes, by AUW scholarship recipient Res Phasy

Below, Asian University for Women scholarship recipient Res Phasy describes the strong will of her parents, the hardships they faced, and their dream for her to have an education.


My parents did not only give me a life, but they nurtured me with their kindness. They like to help old poor villagers even though we are poor.  My mother came from the rural area. She has nine siblings and she is the oldest. She had to work almost of the housework because her two sisters and two brothers went to school and other sisters, brothers were so small. She went fishing with my grandfather at three o’clock am. When she came back she went to collect the water and climbed up the hill of river bank with a couple heavy pails on her shoulders. In addition she fed animals and cooked the food. Her clothes always were wet and dirty. All of the days, she did not have time to take a nap.

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Where PEPY Gets Its Mojo

Ever wonder what PEPY people are like? Want to find out where we get our mojo? Head on over to our Find Inspiration page! There, you’ll find out where various PEPY staff, interns, participants, and other members of the PEPY family find their inspiration. And head on over to the …