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Scholarship Students Attend Career Fair

At PEPY our current strategic goal is “to increase the percentage of Kralanh graduates accessing skilled employment”. When we developed our new strategic direction last year, we made a conscious decision to stop pushing students to learn information which we think is good for them. Instead we have chosen to …

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Words of wisdom from the PEPY family

If you know PEPY well, then you know that we love quotes! We share them around the office and with new friends we meet to inspire each other. We compiled a collection of quotes from current and past PEPY staff and volunteers that can be shared with your friends and …

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The future for Child Clubs and Young Leader Clubs

PEPY’s Child Clubs (also known as Child-to-Child) began in 2008 to support local solutions for community issues through youth-led action. In 2011, Young Leader Clubs were also established to cater for older youth who still wanted a forum outside of school to learn new things and discuss important issues in …

Scholarship students
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2012 Scholarship students

  We’re proud to introduce Vy and Vouet, PEPY’s Scholarship Program students for 2012. Vy and Vouet are about to start studying at University in Siem Reap. Both Vy and Vouet attended PEPY’s Young Leader Clubs and are very active members of Volunteer for Community Development. We asked Vy and Vouet …