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To translate or not to translate?

A quick explanation of the choices we’re making about language. At PEPY HQ, we have had many discussions about translating our communications into Khmer (or occasionally the other way round). Previously we have spent time, effort and money translating every monthly newsletter into Khmer, and translating every report we produce. …

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“Adventurous Traveling, Responsible Volunteering” – Voluntourism Effective Practices

Voluntourism is an increasingly used word reflecting two burgeoning industries: tourism and volunteering. Just as it sounds, voluntourism is loosely defined as volunteering while traveling, though the industry has yet to define exclusively what is a “voluntourist” or “voluntourism” trip. For decades, people have traveled somewhere to volunteer – missionary work or Peace Corps or International Volunteering Programs – so it is difficult to separate this industry as something entirely novel, but there is a recognizable pattern of increased interest in volunteer opportunities for people who are traveling. Often voluntourism is associated with adventure travelers, but a voluntourist is not just the twenty-something thrill seeker; families are looking for ways to give back while on their holidays and people of all ages want to learn more about the cultures they are visiting and offer something in return by engaging in volunteer activities.

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Hipstars Are the New Money Belt

PEPY is currently marketing a product of its own design, the Hipstar, in markets around the city of Siem Reap. The Hipstar is a belt-wallet made from the traditional Khmer scarf, the Khroma. This unique product is a fashionable way to carry important items like mobile phones, passports, and cash, …

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You Might Be a PEPY Rider If…

By Greg Anderson

1. You always have bike grease on your leg.

2. Your favourite drink is sugarcane juice

3. You can mimic Mr Lucky’s laugh. (our trusty Cambodian bike guide) eeeh HEE HEE HEE!

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By Tom, PEPY Ride II Participant

The first image we see is a belligerent, drunken man drowning his sorrows in a jug of wine, unable to stand or even sit without staggering dangerously. Stricken by cycles of poverty, abuse, and misfortune, he and his family live on the edge of the Stoeng Meanchey city dump, the filthiest and most depressed place in Phnom Penh. Here the children spend their days collecting scraps of waste for mere pennies, which the man then uses to disappear into an endless alcoholic haze. As his bottle evaporates, his wife and three daughters bear the brunt of his rants and curses, averting their eyes to avoid provoking him further. Though his threats are frightening, they thankfully remain non-violent, and his family is spared physical abuse.

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January 12th – RDIC

By Maryann Bylander

I think our entire team has a new definition of the word hero- Mickey Sampson. I wasn’t expecting my first hero to look so disarmingly normal, with a shallow southern accent, plain clothes and a laid back way of talking to us like we were already friends. Though he has a PhD in Chemistry, a vast knowledge of Cambodia, and some superhuman ability to understand the way people, society, and change works, Mickey spent 3 hours slowly and deliberately explaining the work of RDIC to our team in ways that we all could understand. I’m not even sure where to begin- this man and his incredible staff do EVERYTHING. Just a few examples: