Building staff capacity through internal training

Posted on: January 26, 2012 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

Building staff capacity through internal training

by Vannak Lach

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Photo Credit: Vannak Lach

PEPY has recently provided a series of trainings ranging from technology, education, law, and personal development to all staff members to build their ability and knowledge.

Computer Literacy: Excel Application Training
We are so lucky to have a connection with Sarah Owen, a British accountant. She kindly offered an Excel application training course, ranging from basic to advanced levels to 20 of our staff members on the 17 and 18 of November, 2011.

As most of our staff are new to the computer application literacy, this training is important for them. Some staff will use Excel to make activity plans. Kimline Nuch, our financial and accounting officer is so happy to learn the advanced level of Excel application. Excel application is very important for her job. And she is glad to have Sarah to help her master this skill so that she can manage her work better.

Education Law and Education Strategic Plan & Program Budget
PEPY has been working with government teachers to enhance the quality of education since 2005. However, Cambodia just passed educational law in 2007 . Our senior program manager Samal Khat, who has a very long time experience in education, organized this training to our staff. The training was attended by 44 members.

The training workshop aims to assess how much of our work is affected by the 2007 law, and to build our SAS team’s ability to train School Support Committees on the education law and strategic planning in the future. Furthermore, it helps promote a general understanding about Education Law among our staff who are not working directly with the education programs.

The training took place in Chanleas Dai Junior High School for two days from 14-15 December 2011. After the workshop, we found out that almost all of our activities are consistent with the law and Ministry of Education’s plan. Mr. Samal’s next step from this training is to figure out if there is any of our activities overlapping with the ministry’s works in order to avoid redundant works in the future.

Child Protection Training
The third training workshop for a New Year is Child Protection Training. PEPY offer this training workshop to all of our staff to promote understanding around child protection on the 4th of January, 2012. The workshop was run by Child Protection Specialist Tessa Boudrie who is currently a consultant social worker at Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap.

In the future, PEPY will develop the outcomes of this training into a policy for our organization. We are working with children everyday: we do not only protect them but also help them to protect themselves. Even though we so far do not have a written policy, all PEPY staff will come together to develop this policy in the near future.

Upcoming training!
The upcoming training is a Financial Training organized by Khuth Sochampawatd, our Community Development Program manager, on the 20th of January. The purpose is to help guide our staff on how to save the money more effectively.