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PEPY Fundraising Events in Japan

PEPY fundraising events have taken place around the world, from a student organized stuffed animal auction in Minnesota to a community concert in rural Japan. Please feel free to let us know about great events or opportunities that PEPY can publicize here!

Below are some on-going and featured PEPY fundraising events which also happen to be tons of fun!  Sign up, have a good time, and support our work. There is nothing like having fun in the name of a good cause!

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A Message to JETs:

Hello JETS!

The PEPY Ride SIG is a group for people who want to get involved in NGO work, the development of a growing non-profit organization, and who are interested in getting involved in volunteering during their time in Asia. The PEPY Ride was founded by former JETs and the JET community continues to support this growing project through fundraisers, awareness activities and other forms of support.

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PEPY Fundraising Events in Japan

Many people take the initiative to sponsor fundraising events in their own towns. We also have a number of huge events in Japan that raise general funds for PEPY, such as the Tokyo Scavenger Hunt, ALT Soccer Tournaments, and the Shizuoka Fun Run. Join in the fun, or start your …

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JET and The PEPY Friends School

A group of JETs traveled to Cambodia with PEPY in 2006 and left determined to raise enough money for a new PEPY school. The group raised over $20,000 to fund the project and returned one-year later in March of 2007 to celebrate the opening of the PEPY Friends School in …

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What’s JET Got to Do With It?

In 2004, two participants on JET hatched an idea to fundraise for the construction of a school in rural Cambodia. Their fundraising project, the PEPY Ride, consisted of a cross Cambodia bicycle ride, which stopped along the way at schools and orphanages to teach environmental lessons. To kick off the …

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Reflections from Natalie Dushney, Golden Week May 2007 Trip Leader

It has been a year and a half since the genesis of our PEPY tours and though each of the ride and volunteer trips are unique, they share some similar aspects from volunteering or riding to visiting historical and cultural sites and temples.  We have all witnessed how unbelievably loving …