Bike-To-School Ceremony

Posted on: August 9, 2009 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Bike-To-School Ceremony

This week Chanleas Dai Primary School celebrated the graduation of 106 sixth grade students, all of whom earned a PEPY bicycle through our Bike-to-School Program.  By graduating and passing the end of year exams as well as attending PEPY’s monthly educational programs, the students earned bicycles which we hope they will all use to ride to the new junior high school next year.

Somethings to note:

  • Four years ago, when the PEPY Bike-to-School Program started, only about 60 kids graduated and that year there were less than 10 kids who completed grade 7.
  • This year, over 100 students graduated and there are over 100 students who finished grade 7.

That is nearly a 100% increase in the number of students who are graduating from grade 6 and nearly 1000% increase in completion of grade 7!

WOW!  Thank you for being a part of that change!