Best practices are best when shared with others!

Posted on: July 4, 2011 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

Best practices are best when shared with others!


Sharing rhymes with caring – we've said it before and here we are dedicating a whole section of our newsletter (and soon our website) to this concept.

We believe that the non-profit sector can be revolutionized through sharing. Competition and information hoarding occurs just as much in the social sector as in the for-profit world. If we are all really going to have a chance at making big strides towards improving the problems we see in this world, we have to start showing we care more by starting to share more.

So…. here we go!

One the reasons our monthly newsletter exists is to share information and resources with interested people or organizations who could benefit from learning about or collaborating on our work at PEPY. In addition to regular program updates, we'd like to start sharing more of our resources and thinking – from our policy book and review systems to our program design tools and management approach, with the hope that someone out there reading this might find these tools useful. Our goal is to regularly share different aspects of our work in a way that will allow people to learn, repeat, comment on, and add value to what we do at PEPY.

For now, YOU can help by sharing as well. Please share your thoughts with us on what you would like to see featured in the sharing section. Contribute your questions, ideas, or comments you have on this concept on facebook and twitter… or just say hi!

Thanks for sharing (and for caring)!