Back to school – Creative Learning Class

Posted on: December 2, 2013 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Back to school – Creative Learning Class

IMG_5596The 2013-2014 academic year has started! In the final installment of this ‘Back to School’ blog series, we bring you a preview of what Creative Learning facilitator, Chhoem Pov, has in store for the coming year.

What do you have planned for the year ahead?
“I want to create something new, good, and interesting. I try my best to make a better lesson plan based on reality so that they can achieve their goals. And I will also work hard with the teachers to learn from each other’s experiences to improve our teaching skills both for PEPY’s teachers and public teachers.”

Tell us more about your students.
“The students love to study computer very much, especially XO computers. They are very happy when they get XO computers. In Creative Learning Class, students are very happy when they come to class and they always tell me they are very happy to be in the class because they can learn new lessons, practice, draw, color, watch video and play smart game, especially related to learning XO computers. Not only that they also can learn soft skills.”

What hopes do you have for your students?
“I hope the students have enough knowledge to pass every public class. For me, what I want to see the most is students become very good, smart, brave, helpful and respect each other and very good at using XO computers and WordPress and especially improving their soft skills. I want the students to continue their study until they finish Bachelor Degree and want them get skills in both Real Science and Social Science, especially I want to be very good at using XO computers and clearly understand Scratch. I want them to be role models in their communities having skills, knowledge and communication skills.”

Like Pov and his students, we are looking forward to an exciting year for Creative Learning Class. To support our work, check out our all-new PEPY Presents, where you can see exactly how your investment will support these eager students.