Author: Kathryn McDaniel

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‘Our Story’: Inclusive and Collaborative Fundraising

On the evening of December 15th, 2019, PEPY held its first music and art exhibition at Bambu Stage to raise funds for our Youth Empowerment Project. The event, entitled “Our Story,” saw PEPY artists participating with Music for Everyone School’s performing artists and Genevieve’s Fair Trade Village’s artisans and painters. …

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Beyond Philanthropy: The Power of Donor Relationships

PEPY staff is committed to having honest and open dialogues with our donors and advocates. This is, in large part, to maintain a relationship of trust that ensures they will continue to provide us with the funding necessary to support our students. However, there is another, perhaps equally important reason …

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Broadening Horizons: Learning Exchanges between PEPY and Irish Educators

The opportunity to be introduced to new ideas and experiences leads to the most impactful and memorable programs at PEPY. Throughout the years, staff and students have built a deep relationship with Irish education institutions and teachers, bringing about unforgettable and inspiring activities that have mutually benefitted both communities. Through …