A perspective of the Education Fare from Noem Chhunny

Posted on: July 29, 2010 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

A perspective of the Education Fare from Noem Chhunny

Last month, Hour (another PEPY employee) and I took a group of high school students from Kralanh high school to join the R.I.C.E. Fair – more than 550 Cambodian high school students attended. Most of the students who attended the fair came from a rural area, where information about universities is hardly ever heard. For those students who just finished high school or are even still in high school, they are not sure if a university education is right or don’t even know what to do after high school. The fair offered them an opportunity to meet with professors, academic advisors, and many students from different schools, universities, and organizations as well.

A group of 13 students from Kralanh High School were enthusiastic to learn about these hot topics, and they were so excited to leave their local village to see new things. It’s kind of a big turning point in their lives since most of them had never visited other provinces.

“I learned a lot from the fair after participating in panel discussions. Especially, I know how to choose the major that I like the best. Before coming here I did not know anything or even have an idea on what to do after high school,” says Limdy, a school girl from Kralanh High school. “I am glad I came for this great event, thanks PEPY for supporting our trip to come for the fair.”

“I find this was great since I got a good chance to learn what I should know after finishing high school. More importantly is that we do not only learn how to choose a major and know how to have academic success at university, but we also create an opportunity to meet up with current university students and professional advisors from different universities, and hear their great opinion on how to choose a major that I am interested in,” says Vichai, a student from Kralanh High School – his home village is just opposite the PEPY house in Chanleas Dai. He also said, “I feel more confident on choosing a major after participating in the Education Fair.”

Three other students also from Kralanh High School told me, they are glad to be at the fair because, “Before we were scared of choosing a major or even hopeless in pursuing our study after high school, but after listening to a motivating idea from a professor from Pannasastra University, we have new hope and dreams to reach for in the future.”

The fair offered them a chance to learn all the hot topics and give them the idea or show the right path for them to walk after high school. I noticed most of the high school students who attended the fair were coming from the rural area and they hardly knew any information about universities. It especially creates a chance for school girls to get the knowledge or ideas on how to live in Phnom Penh or live safely in the city. Due to what I heard, many of them will pursue their university degree in Phnom Penh so this was great for those who will graduate high school either next year or in two years.