A new path forward for 2012

Posted on: January 26, 2012 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

A new path forward for 2012

by Anna McKeon

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As we welcome 2012, PEPY is entering a year of change. We have developed a new mission and vision to enable us to focus our programs and improve our impact:

PEPY’s vision is every young Cambodian empowered to achieve their dreams.

PEPY’s mission is to expand the opportunities available for Cambodian youth. We work with young people, investing time and resources to connect them with the skills, systems, and inspiration necessary to achieve their goals, raise standards of living, and improve the quality of education in their communities.

We have decided that we can have the most impact as an organization if we focus on supporting the needs of young people in our target area of Chanleas Dai though education and community development. This means that our benchmark for success will be the effect our programs have on the young people of Chanleas Dai. While we will still work with parents, teachers, and community members, that work will only be in the context of the above vision and not as an end in itself.

Now that we have received feedback from our team and given our ideas a chance to breathe, we are ready to begin taking the first steps toward realizing this new path forward. This new focus will at first involve realigning and improving some of our current programs, and transitioning others. Our next step is to conduct a needs assessment in Chanleas Dai to make sure our current programming is supporting the needs of young people. Our team will also identify areas where we can offer additional services in the future. We look forward to updating you on this process and other PEPY developments in the coming year!

Wishing all of you health and happiness in 2012,

The PEPY team