A Message From Our New Managing Director

Posted on: January 17, 2011 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

A Message From Our New Managing Director

Seeing the advertisement for a managing director posted by PEPY several months ago, I could not wait to apply for the position. I might not have known PEPY quite too well by the time I was reading the ad, but learning more about its work only made me realize I could not miss such a great opportunity to give back to my community.

Born and raised in Kampong Cham, Cambodia in a family who believes strongly in the benefits of education, my dream has always been to help improve the quality of education in my country, and the place that needs it most is the rural Cambodia. To achieve my dream, I have been pursuing both my education and my career in the field of education ever since I started college. Majoring in Educational Administration, with a strong passion in serving those who are less fortunate, one of my most memorable work experiences was working with a non-profit organization helping refugee and disadvantaged population in Albany, New York. Starting as a volunteer to help teach English, math, and life skills to new arrival refugee children in Albany and later becoming an executive director for the organization, I have learned so much from the job during the few years I was studying and working in America, and my desire has grown stronger to help serve such a population.

I can’t wait to join the great work PEPY is doing and to bring into PEPY’s team the knowledge and the experiences I have. I couldn’t be happier to have such an opportunity.

-Layheng Ting

PS – We couldn’t be happier to have Layheng with us! Stay tuned for more updates from Layheng as she works with our team to continue and improve PEPY’s educational offerings.


Layheng Ting is from Kampong Cham province, a few hours outside of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. She grew up in a family that highly valued education and, after high school, she went to the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and the National University of Management. Upon graduation, she was hired by the RUPP as a teacher and quickly moved up to be the youngest department head at the university. Through the university, she learned about the Fulbright program and she was selected through their rigorous application process to travel to the US for a Masters in Education. While studying at the University at Albany, State University of New York, she was chosen to continue on for a PhD program and she just recently successfully defended her dissertation.

The PEPY Board is proud to have Dr. Ting on our team, not just for her academic successes, but for her heart and her management experience. While in Albany, Layheng began working in a local education program and was quickly promoted through the ranks until she became the Executive Director. Working in literacy and after school programs, Layheng was able to put her academic studies into practice and is eager to do so in the Cambodian context now that she has returned. She was selected, among more than 100 applicants who have applied for our leadership position, due in large part to her commitment and desire to improve the quality of education available in Cambodia. Layheng was offered a number of jobs in the US, but when we asked her why she wanted to work at PEPY, she stated that she had known from the beginning of her time in America that she wanted to return to Cambodia to work in education here.
This is her calling, she says, and we’re delighted that PEPY is the vehicle with which she has returned home. The whole PEPY team is delighted to have Layheng’s leadership and we can’t wait to see how she helps us continue to improve PEPY’s work and impact. Welcome to the PEPY family, Layheng!