247 Dreams: A Child-to-Child Club Activity

Posted on: May 28, 2012 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

247 Dreams: A Child-to-Child Club Activity

Child to Child Club

Photo Credit: Saly Hem

We believe that the power of dreams is very important in order for people—and especially young people—to achieve success in their lives. A child without a dream is like a boat or a car without a steering wheel: the child does not know where to go.

Our Child-to-Child (C-t-C) project recently organized an exciting exercise called “Child Dream Activity.” We know every child has the potential to dream, and the main objective here was to mentor C-t-C students so they could reveal and discuss the variety of dreams they want to reach for and pursue. 247 children participated in this activity, and 15 older youths came to assist our trainers. Now that’s a lot of dreams!

We first conducted a survey to learn about the different dreams that students had, and then we collected and analyzed the data. We found that some kids want to be teachers, some want to be doctors, some want to be tailors, and some want to be singers. One student even wants to be a boxer! We were able to organize trainers for those who want to become teachers, tailors, and doctors, and the next time we complete this activity we hope to provide trainers who have achieved some other dreams desired by the students.

Before this activity, many students had not yet thought about dreams in their lives, and as a result they did not know how to set dreams for themselves. Now, however, students have had a chance not only to think about their dreams, but also to talk about it to their peers and older role models. We think that this is a valuable step in working towards dreaming big, both individually and as a community.

We found that the kids were very impressed with the Child Dream Activity: they participated very well with our trainers and learned a lot about themselves and others through the session. We look forward to continuing this dialogue with them so their hopes and aspirations become easier to realize.