2012 Scholarship students

Scholarship students
Posted on: October 14, 2012 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

2012 Scholarship students


We’re proud to introduce Vy and Vouet, PEPY’s Scholarship Program students for 2012. Vy and Vouet are about to start studying at University in Siem Reap.

Both Vy and Vouet attended PEPY’s Young Leader Clubs and are very active members of Volunteer for Community Development.

We asked Vy and Vouet to share a little bit about themselves:

Vy: “I come from Chanleas Dai Commune. In the future I want to be a famous business man and be a project manager in the United Nation Organization. Because I want to use my ability and capacity to help develop community and my country economic.  The scholarship that I received is very importance because it provides me a fabulous opportunity to achieve my dream such as to continue to university, build capacity with new knowledge which is apply with jobs department.”

Vouet: “I live in Chanleas Dai Commune. I have two sisters and one brother. Apart from me, they never attended any PEPY programs because they busy with farming and working to earn money to support family. In the future I want to be an IT programming. I can continue to university, help develop my capacity to be a strong person with passion to turn back to help develop my community as well as next young generations.”

We look forward to supporting Vy and Vouet through their studies and wish them the best of luck in this next adventure!