10.10.11 – Same, same, but different!

Posted on: October 10, 2011 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

10.10.11 – Same, same, but different!


Last year on 10.10.10, PEPY launched its first major fundraising initiative – The Power of 10.

The Power of 10 is built on the concept of that if 10 people donate $10 and reach out to 10 of their friends, who also donate $10 and reach out to 10 of their friends (and so on), we can create a global network of informed, engaged, and active citizens while raising money for PEPY’s educational programs at the same time. This initial campaign brought together over 700 donors from 25 countries.

In order to build on the momentum of last year’s Power of 10 campaign, we have decided to make The Power of 10 an annual event. For 10 days starting on the 10th day of every October, we will reconnect with YOU—our donors and our supporters—to review our goals as an organization and to put our work into context. We hope that you will then pass along the message to your own friends so that the network can continue to grow.

This year, we have added a theme to The Power of 10 campaign: We’d like you to dream BIG!

Why are we asking people to dream big, you ask? It’s because PEPY is committed to expanding opportunities for Cambodian youth so that they can achieve their dreams and we believe that sharing dreams with others serves as a catalyst for change. By sharing our dreams with others, we become one step closer to realizing and achieving them. Here are a few ways you can join the Power of 10 in 2011:

Join The Power of 10 and dream BIG!