Scholarship students finishing their bachelor degree

Saturday, September 2017
by Sarakk Rith

02The main goal of college students when the first day starts in class, is that to complete fourth years successfully. Students actually work hard in order to pass from semesters to semesters. This year PEPY promotion 2 students had completed their thesis books and did great presentations for the bachelor degrees at Build Bright University, Siem Reap. In total, there were 5 students, Skut Savoeng, Kev Channa, Roet Tola, Chhon Konhing, and Men Ley, who passed PEPY scholarship in 2013.
Channa and Tola were classmate in Tourism class. A group of thesis has only 5 member and maximum 6 people. Channa and Tola chose a major of Tourism Management at Build Bright. Moreover, both of them were in a team which wrote the thesis under topic “Tourism and Traffic arrangement in Angkor Park.” The keys ideas in this book are to find out how to manage the traffic in this World Heritage area and to understand about the perception or view of tourism operator (bus and Tuk Tuk drivers) and tourists to this historical place. Channa got a second highest rank and Tola received a third place in the faculty. As well as Ley and Konhing were also teammate. They studied Agricultural Major. This group had decided to write a topic on “The need of vegetable leaves in Siem Reap.” The book of over than 60 meaning pages aim to let readers knows about the amount of vegetable leaves needs in tow markets, Phsa Leu Thom Thmey and Psa Samaki in Siem Reap. Lastly, Skut Savoeng, who did research on “The process of managing and selecting PEPY Empowering Youth’s scholarship” The main purposes of this title are to understand about the ways of selecting students and the positive effects after those students involve PEPY programs.
03On our pleasure, our students are the leader. Each group of the above topics is leading by PEPY students. They are the role models of the next promotion of PEPY. Before the day of presentation, all of them had obviously practiced beforehand. They had prepared slide presentations and responded points of the slide. It was an hour presentation which divided to three parts, 20 minutes for preparing, 20 minutes for presenting and the other 20 minutes for questions and answers. In the presenting classroom, there were three committees and around 30 students.
After finished the thesis, Channa said that “We spent 7 months for our thesis. It had a lot of internal and external challenges. Especially, we lead people coming from different backgrounds. To work with people is not as same as the computer. We need to be calm, flexibility and open in order to achieve it.” Moreover, Skut Savoeng mentioned that “After finished it, I have got deeper understanding about research methodologies and writing structures”
The students THANK everyone so much who always supports us. Without your hands, these students could not achieve and become like today.