Teacher Assistance Program Continues with a New Focus

Tuesday, November 2010
by Stephanie

PEPY’s Teacher Assistance Program, which has traditionally incentivized teachers at Chanleas Dai Primary School to come to work on time, has entered its fourth and final year with a new focus: improving teaching effectiveness. Starting this month, the principal of Chanleas Dai and PEPY will together conduct monthly in-classroom observations, evaluating teachers against a range of criteria—including things like preparation of lesson plans, use of teaching aids, and incorporation of group work and classroom activities. These are some of the things that the principal has deemed important to improving the quality of education at his school. Subsequent feedback sessions will enable the principal to make recommendations to his teachers, contributing to their ongoing development. Each month, high-performing teachers will be rewarded with 40 kg of rice and 5 liters of cooking oil. However, the real reward goes to students, who we hope will reap the benefits of an improved quality education.