At PEPY Empowering Youth, we’re powered by our supporters – an amazing network of individuals around the world who fundraise to support our projects in Cambodia.

THANK YOU for your interest in joining this team.There are many ways of fundraising for PEPY – whether you want to do a sponsored challenge, host an event or just spread the news among your friends.  If you are planning to fundraise for us, you might want to consider the following:

  • Please let us know! You can contact the team in Cambodia via [email protected]. They will be very excited to support your project and provide you with information and help.
  • Check out our Fundraising resources page for ideas, how-to guides, advice, templates and more to help get you started. Our Media section also hosts downloads of PEPY flyers, reports and useful images.
  • First off, you might want to look through our fundraising guide. This was put together by PEPY fundraisers out of their own experiences of organizing events and fundraising for PEPY.

We love hearing about new and creative ways of fundraising, and are also keen to improve these resources to make it as easy as possible for our supporters to support us! Please do get in touch with any ideas and feedback that we can incorporate into these pages

Raise awareness, raise money, and have fun!


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