Successful Story – Yoeum Ying Yong

Monday, January 2018
by Soury Phonn

Yoeum Yinh YungYing Yong is a PEPY Empowering Youth Scholarship Student. He is a passionate student. He works very hard both in class and self-learning. He participates in class and he always has a very good relationship with others. He has one sister and he is the eldest. He was very happy to get the PEPY scholarship because PEPY provides a lot of things such as soft-skill, Computer, and English. He is very interested in English.

It is understood that English is very important for communication and working, so that’s why Ying Yong has attended English class regularly in PEPY. “I do love English class in PEPY because I can learn with a foreign teacher and he teaches us how to use pronunciation correctly. Furthermore, everyone uses English only in class and that makes me improve faster”, he said. Yong continued that he learnt many other things such as how to make a sentence, vocabulary in headway book, family tree, and so on. He felt so delighted because before he could not use English well for speaking or communicating with other people or foreigners, but now he can use it much more effectively than before. He can communicate with foreigners after studying only three months in PEPY Learning center.  He said, “What I love most is speaking, pronunciation and Reading”.

Yoeum Yinh Yung2Yong wants to be an accountant in the future and he believes that English is very useful to achieving his dream because at university. Some subjects are taught through and we need to do research in English. He commits to working hard and to achieving his goals.