Success Series – Phalla’s Dream Class

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Success Series – Phalla’s Dream Class

phalla1Phalla is one of our outstanding students in the Dream Management Project. She’s now in Grade 11 in Kralanh High School. As the second child in the family that relies on agriculture, her parents are very supportive and sends her to school with the dream that she will become what she wishes to be, a teacher.

PEPY’s Dream Class is a place for all young students from Grades 10-12 to explore big possibilities and opportunities in the future. Phalla’s been attending Dream Class only for a year and she already found out that these classes helped her in finding out who she is and what she wants in the future.

She’s learning about goal setting, being a good role model, communication, leadership and teamwork. “Before, I don’t really know how to work with a group or how to be involved in any activities in school. I was very pessimistic and not open minded at all. Now I feel that I have changed a lot. I can adapt to work with people and I even became class monitor and youth council member in school as well!” Every day Phalla comes to school regularly and on time. Every morning before the class starts, Phalla and her team members spend around 30 minutes walking around and checking the school grounds. If there are areas that need minding, she asks students in each class to take action immediately. Her team also makes sure that there are enough trash bins on the school ground. Through her new responsibilities and activities in school, Phalla believes that it would help her build her self-confidence and hopefully become a good role model.

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