Students Selection Process in 2017

Friday, October 2017
by Channa Kev

IMG_7028 (Copy)The number of high school graduates from rural areas availing of higher education remains low. The main reason for this is poverty, with Parents not being in a position to finance their children’s continuing education. In order to make higher education a reality for more students, PEPY is collaborating with iHerb to pilot a scholarship programme in Kampong Leng in Kampong Chhnang Province. This year PEPY is providing forty scholarships to students, including the pilot project with iHerb.

IMG_7913 (Copy)Last January PEPY informed the students in Kralanh and Srei Snom about the University Scholarship Programme. 250 applications were supplied to the schools and 109 completed applications were returned to PEPY. In August the selecting committee shortlisted 105 students, 59 of whom came from Kralanh. However, 92 students presented for the interview process, which took place from September 4th to September 7th. Following discussions with the students, 60 students graduated to the social investigation stage. There were 38 students from Kralanh High School. Visits to student homes took place between September 25th and 27th. PEPY was keen to know about the families, the level of parental interest, the students’ behavior and attitudes and their interaction with their communities. In total 57 home-visits took place. 4 additional scheduled visits didn’t take place as these students had received other scholarships or had made alternative higher education plans. On October 3rd and 4th, final decisions were made regarding scholarship places and PEPY offered 38 scholarship places to the successful students to enable them continue their university or vocational education. PEPY wishes to congratulate the 38 successful scholarship students and to wish them well with their studies.