Ravy – A pioneering scholarship student

Friday, January 2015
by Colm Byrne

Ravy Vath was awarded a PEPY scholarship in 2012. He was one of the first students from Kralanh to be awarded a scholarship and move to Siem Reap in order to study at university and attend the PEPY Learning Center. He has made huge progress since receiving the scholarship and his efforts are a testament to dedication and a willingness to learn

Ravy is a third year scholarship student

Ravy is a third year scholarship student

Ravy studies marketing at Build Bright University in Siem Reap. He is currently in third year and doing very well. In years one and two, Ravy also regularly attended classes in the Learning Center run by PEPY Empowering Youth. In the Learning Center he learned soft skills, like effective communication, and English. He singles out the Youth Empowerment class in the Learning Center for particular praise: “It showed me how to analyze and solve problems and think about the big world”.

Recently, Ravy secured full-time employment in the educational NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE). Ravy’s wok for PSE includes administration and accounting. He has impressed his superiors in PSE and they have noted the many qualities he brings to the job.

Ravy feels the support from PEPY Empowering Youth has been instrumental in his progress to date: “Not only did PEPY provide me with a scholarship but they also gave me a real broad education”.  While as a third-year student Ravy no longer attends regular classes in the Learning Center, he does regularly meet with staff for support and to troubleshoot problems.

Not only is Ravy a positive role model for the other scholarship students but his success is having a ripple effect in his community in Chanleas Dai and throughout the scholarship program. His journey is truly inspirational and he is a credit to his community in Chanleas Dai and this LNGO.

In the future Ravy hopes to make strides in the business world and help the younger generation. We have no doubt he will succeed at both!