PEPY scholars learn Music and Art at Music for Everyone School

Thursday, September 2017
by Kimann Khlang

IMG_1126 (Copy)At PEPY, we are happy to see our 30 scholars regularly learn guitar and drawing using the pencil at Music for Everyone School (MES). The classes start on November 10th, 2016. The classes take time at 8 to 11 am, every Thursday and Friday of the week. The main idea of these classes is that give motivated students the instruments they need to study and help themselves. Moreover, is to help scholars get a chance to know about music and learn how to play it.
During this period, students have learned basically of drawing lotus pictures, roses, and insects. On the other hand, PEPY students learned how to play guitar as basic chord types. So far, the total attendance of students was 98% of the total (One student left to study at Battambong Province so the attendance is dropped)

Scholars feel very happy to attend the class at MES because they have learnt music instrument and drawing pictures with pencil they have never done. Students think that it is not only learn how to play guitar or drawing, but it is also concentration, paying attention and think creatively.

IMG_1057 (Copy)Especially they like teachers because the teachers are funny and support them. Drawing teacher pay attention very much with them to ensure they can get what he wants them to understand. In contrasting point, students think that, sometimes, the guitar teacher rather leaves them to do anything else or sitting outside during the studying time. They suggested him to improve that little point. Only one students among all, said that he does not like drawing because he could not pay attention much on it. But he wants to learn music instrument instead (Toem Phalla).