Parent’s Meeting in 2017

Sunday, July 2017
by Kimann Khlang

02News is very important to everyone, especially when family members live far away from home and their parents.
At PEPY Empowering Youth, the Promotion 5 PEPY students held an event called “Parent’s Meeting” where all their parents were invited to join the Dream Management Class last 30 July. The main purpose of this event is for the students to share with their parents their accomplishments in their first year with PEPY in Siem Reap. The presentation lasted for 3 hours where the students shared their Integration Day, what they learned at the PEPY Learning Center, how their University and Vocational training classes are going, the social events they have attended, the trainings they have completed, and their Music and Art Lessons with Music for Everyone School (MES).
All the students happily presented the activities to their family, accompanied by singing and a lot of laughter. There were tears, too. Happy tears from the families and the students seeing the positive changes the last year have brought all of them. 05The students are now more confident, are learning better and have bigger dreams that are giving them the inspiration to do more and achieve more. The parents are less worried, prouder and more trusting that their children have been given more opportunities to make their lives better.
We at PEPY can’t be any prouder and happier to share this day with the families. We are thankful that we are a part of this change, of the students’ development and their families’ joy. We thank our donors and everyone who support PEPY for making this possible.