After running Child Clubs for three years, we realized that many students were returning to the clubs, despite having already participated in the same topics previously.

Young Leader Clubs provided a forum for older teenagers to learn about and discuss more adult issues. We try and introduce the type of subjects that you wished you had learned more about at school but weren’t given the opportunity or encouragement to do so. Participants engage with projects covering issues such as financial management, inter-personal relationships, domestic violence, and reproductive health.

From August 2013, PEPY Empowering Youth (then PEPY) transitioned out of the Child and Young Leader Clubs and handed responsibility back to leaders within their own community through Volunteers for Community Development.

PEPY Empowering Youth is very proud that past Young Leader Club attendants are very committed to implement the activities plan developed. These inspirational students have pledged to do their upmost to develop their community; especially supporting local children to improve skills and knowledge in order to become good citizens.

“After I join with the Youth club I am got positive changing a lot in my life and daily life as well such as: I got very braved then before; Got positive changed in my life; For studying at my school is very well then before also; Have a good communication with team, my family and other people that I know.”

– Savik Som, 16 years, Young Leader participant


  • 65 students joined for an inaugural “Youth Talks” event in which 4 young speakers presented on topics they were passionate about. The event was a success, with the attendees interested in participating again in the future.
  • A focus on environmental stewardship led to the majority of the communities becoming visibly cleaner, with less pollution from garbage. (2010)
  • Young Leader Club welcomed 58 people to participate in club activities.
  • Youths felt that because of the clubs, their communication skills were improved between their peers and also between different communities.


Challenges / Lessons learned

  • As with our Child Clubs, Young Leaders Club attendance is affected by seasonal migration to Thailand.

We are still learning which model will work best for young people of this age group. Upcoming plans include encouraging the young people to identify topics themselves, arranging study trips and sharing between clubs.



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