PEPY Empowering Youth provides university and vocational training scholarships for students from Kralanh, Srei Snom, Kampong Thom, Varin, and Kampong Leaeng districts. A majority of those who receive scholarships are from our high school Dream Classes. Scholarships include 3 years of tuition to universities and vocational schools in Siem Reap, a bicycle, use of a computer, and 1.5 years of a living allowance with access to healthcare until students get jobs to support themselves. Scholarship students also attend PEPY’s Learning Center which provides them with academic, professional and (inter)personal skills.

In order to ensure that PEPY’s impact is felt more broadly in our target populations’ communities, Scholarship students are required to plan and implement community projects during their time at PEPY. More broadly, our Scholarship Program encourages students’ peers, families, and younger children in these communities to see the tangible results and value of pursuing an education.

147 students have received PEPY scholarships. 100% of those students have gone on to graduate, and, of those 100%, all have been successful in securing skilled employment. Each scholarship intake has successfully researched, designed, and implemented community projects (22 total since 2012).