The skill of a second language is invaluable when it comes to further education, scholarships, and employment. Working knowledge of English gives the students a competitive advantage to utilize when pursuing their professional dreams for the future.

We believe that language learning should not be limited to the language itself, but also is a way to explore new countries, cultures and ways of understanding. Therefore, our English classes do not merely focus on language proficiency, but also introduce the students to ideas to which they had not previously been exposed, such as global citizenship. PEPY teachers facilitate lessons using student-led, participatory learning techniques, ensuring that the students are engaged and have fun.



  • English classes have been successful in improving students’ ability at written and spoken English, as evidenced by pre and post-year tests to monitored the students’ progress.
  • Students have become more confident in expressing their ideas in English as a result of the support and encouragement provided in the classes.
  • Employers have noted that PEPY students’ English-speaking skills are well above those of the average applicant.
  • 3 former students have volunteered to teach English to other children in their communities.


Challenges / Lessons learned

  • Many of our students studying in Siem Reap arrive with a very low level of English compared to their peers who grew up in urban areas, which makes it hard for them to catch up at university. Apart from the extra support they receive at the Learning Center, PEPY also runs the High School English Project (Pilot, with the support of the Harvey Family Foundation) which sponsors extra English support by high school teachers for our Dream Class students so they are better prepared upon arrival for study in Siem Reap.
  • Whilst it is a requirement of the Ministry of Education in Cambodia that English is taught in primary schools, the majority of teachers, both at primary and junior high level, do not speak English themselves, and therefore lack the necessary capacity to teach the students. This is an issue we are currently analyzing in order to properly address.



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*Up until January 2015 PEPY Empowering Youth was known as PEPY, read more about our localization here.

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