Many of the students we work with are only exposed to a small range of possible futures and do not have access to the resources and opportunities needed to reach skilled employment. We believe it is important for young people to dream big and see how they can make their dreams a reality. Through our Dream Management Project, we aim to nurture those big ambitions for their future and give them the resources and connections to take the necessary steps to realizing that future.

Dream Management classes provide a forum for students to discuss their ambitions for their future and challenges they may need to overcome, as well as career resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Annual PEPY Skills Fairs offer advice and information on potential career paths along with regular Sharing Events which bring local professionals to share their experiences and advice.

Since 2012, over 2000 students have registered for Dream Management Classes, and over 7000 young Cambodians in our target areas have participated in PEPY’s Skills Fairs and Sharing Events.