PEPY’s Learning Center is based on the idea that graduating from tertiary education does not necessarily lead to securing a job. According to the most recent National Employment Agency survey, employers in Cambodia identified three main skills to be lacking in applicants: soft skills, English language skills, and technological skills.

In response, the PEPY Learning Center anually provides 60 students from Kralanh, Srei Snom, Baray, Kompong Leaeang, and now Varin (scholarship and non-scholarship) with three classes that go beyond university/vocational school classes to enhance their employability:

  • English: PEPY’s English classes go beyond the textbook curriculum to provide practical English skills, such as critical thinking and student-centered strategies to increase motivation.

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): Communication through technology is increasingly important in securing jobs. Students learn industry-standard software applications, including Microsoft Office, graphic design, and online communications, in preparation for future employment.

  • Youth Empowerment: These classes aim to build confidence and skills in interpersonal communication, leadership, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Students also learn about world issues, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and climate change. Students are also taught CV and cover letter writing and interview techniques to help prepare students for their own career path.

In addition, the Learning Center invites speakers several times a year, including Cambodian role models who have achieved success in their professional lives and potential employers so students can learn more about the job market. To help students enhance their work experience and build their confidence, we help connect students with temporary opportunities such as internships and volunteering.