An Incredible Week at Jombok Hoas 2017

Thursday, November 2017
by Kimann Khlang

IMG_0943 (Copy)Recently, 2017 Scholarship students participated in Integration Week in Jombok Hoas Adventure Learning Centre in Preah Vihear, Cambodia. Jombok Hoas is a highly forested area and Integration Week involved a lot of challenging physical activities.
For 2017/2018 PEPY has offered scholarship places to 38 students from three provinces. 32 students are from the rural areas surrounding Siem Reap, 2 students are from Kampong Thom and 4 students are from Kampong Chhang. All students successfully completed the challenging Integration Week at the end of October, enabling them to get to know each other and begin their year with PEPY with an emphasis on social integration and belonging.
On October 28th, scholarship students got up early to meet fellow their scholarship students. It was a special day, meeting fellow successful candidates for the first time. They arrived in Siem Reap at 8:00 a.m. They arrived at the PEPY office with smiling faces and they assisted each other take their possessions inside. They then went to the English room to introduce themselves and to meet the other students. It was important that they had time to get to know each other. Following this, PEPY staff introduced them to PEPY, telling them about PEPY’s history, its vision, its mission and its many projects. When this session concluded, the students then worked as a large group to decide on Rules for a successful Integration Week.
IMG_8160 (Copy)Next day, they departed for Jombok Hoas in Preah Vihear Province. They were accompanied by three PEPY staff. There, they participated in a variety of team building activities. At night time, they had opportunity to talk about any concerns or worries they may have had about moving to and studying in Siem Reap. Their main concerns focused on difficulties with studying in PEPY, using the English language and being in the learning environment.
Without doubt, Integration Week was enjoyable, meaningful and fun! It as a resounding success! The objectives of the week were realized: to foster team building, to enhance communication, to have experience helping each other, to build confidence and to develop creative thinking……and to have fun!! Initially, the students were somewhat nervous and shy but they quickly adapted and they fully participated in all activities. They did a great Job! By the end of the week, the students themselves could see the progress they had made and how their confidence had grown. They had cooperated with all activities, including cleaning up after eating. Importantly, they had time to write their diaries.
IMG_0792 (Copy)From all the activities the students participated in, they agreed that Gibbon Swing and Giant Swing were the most exciting because they were nervous and the activity was a bit frightening. One student spoke for everybody when she said, “Arriving there at the beginning, I felt the very warm welcome from Adra’s staff. I enjoyed all activities in this amazing place. I enjoyed Gibbon Swing the most because I was so nervous before I did it.” Without reservation, Integration Week was a resounding success, enjoyed by everyone and so much team-building and learning took place. It was a great start to the year!