A pool party for PEPY Empowering Youth… let’s make a splash! These type of events work best as informal gatherings, to get a group of friends together and raise some awareness at the same time. There are some hints, tips and resources below to help.


Hints and tips

  • What is your theme? – A trip to the seaside with parasols and ice-cream or a hidden paradise with palm trees by the pool?
  • What is your aim?  – are you creating awareness of PEPY Empowering Youth? Networking with PEPY Empowering Youth donors? Trying to break your fundraising target? Or all of the above?
  • What is your budget?
  • What food and/or beverages will you provide? Fruit smoothies are really refreshing after a swim. Why not make your own Khmer smoothies? Recipes can be found at www.khmerkromrecipes.com
  • Have fun, but stay safe! Make sure the pool is supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Don’t forget your bathing suit!


Making it PEPY-proof

  • Print out the PEPY Empowering Youth flyers and make them available to your guests.
  • Have a few PEPY Empowering Youth sign-up forms handy so that people who are interested, or who have donated money can be connected with PEPY Empowering Youth’s team in Cambodia.
  • Make a formal announcement before, during, or after your event and explain why you are passionate about spreading awareness about Cambodia, and the value of education.
  • Set up a projector and introduce friends to the PEPY Empowering Youth website.
  • Have one or more computers available so that guests can donate online, or set up a collection box so that guests can donate via cash (You can then pool the money and donate that amount online on behalf of your guests.)
  • Inform guests about our sister organization, PEPY Tours.
  • Document your event with pictures and send them to PEPY Empowering Youth.
  • Let us know how it went! Live tweet your event (find us at @PEY_NGO), and share the outcome of your party through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Fill in our PEPY event feedback form, so that we can help future events just like yours!


If you have any questions or thoughts about creating your very own pool party for PEPY Empowering Youth, we’d love to hear from you.  The Communications Team are waiting for your email: [email protected]