A concert or live music event for PEPY Empowering Youth…turn up the volume!  Live music events are a great way of bringing people together and not as difficult to arrange as you might at first think. Musicians  and performers will often be happy to donate their time if it is for a good cause or an issue they are interested in.

Below are some useful tips and questions to consider when planning a live music event and the best ways to make your event ‘PEPY-proof’ – to enable you to include information about PEPY Empowering Youth at the event without overwhelming your guests!


Hints and tips

  • Pick a music theme – are you showcasing new music? A 60’s night? Rock Night? Can you persuade one of your favourite local bands to perform?
  • What is your aim?  – are you creating awareness of PEPY? Networking with PEPY donors? Trying to break your fundraising target? Or all of the above?
  • What is your budget? Can you use the PEPY sample letter to request donations from companies / venues useful to your event?
  • Find your venue – do they often cater for music events or will you have to provide your own equipment?
  • Will you be serving food and/or beverages? Good music and good food are a great fundraiser combination.
  • Are musicians just the entertainment? Why not host a battle of the bands night for PEPY? Discover new talent and fundraise for PEPY.
  • If you’re planning something large scale, you might want to check whether you need a live-music licence. If it’s not in a recognized music venue you may also want to check in with the neighbours or local authority to see if they mind a little extra noise!
  • Create your personal event page via the PEPY website. See our downloadable, step-by-step guide for more details.


Make it PEPY-proof

  • Print out the PEPY flyers and make them available to your guests.
  • Have a few PEPY sign-up forms handy so that people who are interested, or who have donated money can be connected with PEPY’s team in Cambodia.
  • Make a formal announcement before, during, or after your event and explain why you are passionate about spreading awareness about Cambodia, and the value of education.
  • Set up a projector and introduce friends to the PEPY website.
  • Have one or more computers available so that guests can donate online, or set up a collection box so that guests can donate via cash (You can then pool the money and donate that amount online on behalf of your guests.)
  • Inform guests about our sister organization, PEPY Tours.
  • Document your event with pictures and send them to PEPY.
  • Let us know how it went! Live tweet your event (find us at @PEY_NGO), and share the outcome of your party through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Fill in our PEPY event feedback form, so that we can help future events just like yours!


If you have any questions or thoughts about creating your very own live music event for PEPY, we’d love to hear from you.  The Communications Team are waiting for your email: [email protected]