A film night for PEPY… let’s grab the popcorn! In addition to having an entertaining evening of movie magic, you have the perfect space to share your interest in Cambodia with your guests. Below are some useful tips and questions to consider when planning a film night and the best ways to make your event ‘PEPY-proof’, to help share some information about PEPY as part of the event.

Hints and Tips
• Pick a theme – what sort of films do you want to show? A back-to-school night with all the classics? A sci-fi night? A trilogy marathon?
• What is your aim? – are you creating awareness of PEPY? Networking with PEPY donors? Trying to break your fundraising target? Or all of the above?
• What is your budget?
• Are you serving food and/or beverages? Everyone loves PEPY popcorn!
• Why not intersperse your films with PEPY videos or have a Cambodian film night with documentaries about Khmer culture and history.
o The Killing Fields: A moving film that won 3 Academy awards and tells the story of a journalist and his translator during the Khmer Rouge regime.
o Enemies of the People: A riveting documentary directed by Thet Sambath and Rob Lemkin about Sambath’s mission over 10 years to find some answers from Khmer Rouge perpetrators. Find out more at enemiesofthepeoplemovie.com
o Bombhunters: This documentary by Skye Fitzgerald highlights the lasting effect of the US bombing campaign and Cambodian/Vietnamese landmines. Learn more at www.bombhunters.com

Make it PEPY-proof
• Print out the PEPY flyers and make them available to your guests.
• Have a few PEPY sign-up forms handy so that people who are interested, or who have donated money can be connected with PEPY’s team in Cambodia.
• Make a formal announcement before, during, or after your event and explain why you are passionate about spreading awareness about Cambodia, and the value of education.
• Have one or more computers available so that guests can donate online.
• Set up a collection box so that guests can donate via cash (You can then pool the money and donate that amount online on behalf of your guests.)
• Inform guests about our sister organization, PEPY Tours, in case they’re interested in visiting Cambodia!
• Document your event with pictures and send them to PEPY.
• Let us know how it went! Live tweet your event (find us at @PEY_NGO), and share the outcome of your party through Facebook and Twitter.
• Fill in our PEPY event feedback form so that we can help future events just like yours!

If you have any questions or thoughts about creating your very own film night for PEPY, we’d love to hear from you. The communications team are waiting for your email: [email protected]