Good things come to those who wait

Tuesday, October 2014
by Colm Byrne

The results of the High School National Exam have had an impact on PEPY and the wider education system across Cambodia. The government have made significant improvements to the exam process. Cheating and bribery have blighted previous exams. This year both were clamped down on.

As a result of these improvements the exam process is much fairer. The results have been impacted too and the failure  rate this year is comparatively very high. Only 26% of the students nationwide passed the first exam (the pass rate in Kralanh was 20%). This pass rate is very small when compared to the four out of five students who passed the exam last year.

Students outside Kralanh High School

Students outside Kralanh High School

Those candidates who failed the exam, have all been given a ‘second chance’ to pass it however. Consequentially there is a delay to the start of the new academic year across Cambodia. Both of PEPY’s major programs will now begin later than we had originally anticipated. The scholarship year in the Learning Center will now commence in November while the Dream Classes will get under way in early December.

Duth Kimsru, PEPY’s Program Manager, acknowledges that although the exams process is now fairer, this is a challenging time for the organization “we are still uncertain as to whether or not our selected scholarship candidates will pass”. She stresses however that this delay will make not affect PEPY’s work in the long term, “The students who will joining us this year will be among the best students. We know that for sure.”

Indeed this delay has benefited the program team in PEPY who have had  extra preparation time to ensure everything is in place to support all  scholarship students for the new academic year. PEPY looks forward to welcoming the new scholarship students to Siem Reap and the commencement of our Dream Classes in Kralanh High School.

Good things come to those who wait.