We are confident that you will have some great ideas on the type of event you are looking to organize in support of PEPY Empowering Youth. We have put together a range of resources in which we think may prove to be useful for you when planning the event.


‘How to’ guides

There have been a wide variety of fundraising events held in the past to support PEPY Empowering Youth. Below is a list of suggestions, complete with ‘How to’ guides, which serve as a great point from which to get started:


Other resources

We’ve also created a range of useful templates and PEPY Empowering Youth print material for you to download and use at your event. You can also access other PEPY Empowering Youth print materials, such as our logo and an information flyer from the Media page.

PEPY_learn_more PEPY_sign_up PEPY_sponsorship sample_letter

If you would like help with designing invitations and other print materials to help you fundraise, just let us know! Email: [email protected]

After your event, it would be great if you could take a few minutes to complete our Event feedback form.

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