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Where we source our data:

National Institute of Statistics of Cambodia

UNICEF – Cambodia country inforatmion

UNICEF – Situational Analysis of Youth in Cambodia

The World Bank – school enrolment

National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development – Commune Database Online

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport – National Policy on Youth Development

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport  – Education Strategic Plan 2009 – 2013

Forum Syd South East Asia


What we read (online):

PEPY Empowering Youth Founder Daniela Papi shares her lessons learned on her blog Lessons I Learned.

Our favorite articles covering development, responsible tourism, Cambodia, education issues, social entrepreneurship and much more can be found on the PEPY Reader. If you come across an awesome article you think we would enjoy, please let us know!

How Matters. We believe in the Power of How and love this site which provides a wealth of information about aid effectiveness.

An interesting mix of articles on global issues, aid and media on Aidnography. – a fantastic inspiration and resource for any non-profit.


What we read (in print):

Cambodia: Tales from a Stricken Land, Henry Kamm

Cambodia Now: Life In the Wake of War, Karen J. Coates

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, Loung Ung

Despite Good Intentions: Why Development Assistance to the Third World Has Failed, Thomas W. Dichter

Golden Bones: An Extraordinary Journey from Hell in Cambodia to a New Life in America, Sichan Siv

The Dream Manager, Matthew Kelly

Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh


Who we have conversations with:

Global development

@UN4Youth [International development, youth]

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