We are all too aware that lack of education creates and sustains a cycle of poverty. By working both within and outside of government-funded schools PEPY Empowering Youth aims to increase access to quality education.

Currently of adults 25 and older, only 9.2% have completed junior high school, and only 4.2% have completed high school.[1]

Today 92% of children enroll into primary school[2] where they study from Grades 1-6. Here they are taught subjects such as Khmer literature, mathematics, geography, history and in later years, English language. Students then move to junior high school (Grades 7-9), where the enrolment rate decreases to 56%[3]. Here additional subjects are added to the curriculum including physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture, sport, and home-economics. At the end of Grade 9, students take the National Exam in order to continue to high school. Recent studies show that enrolment to high school further decreases to just 23%[4]. From Grades 10-12 students continue with their studies before taking a National Exam at the end of Grade 12 in order to graduate, and to continue with university studies. The current enrolment rate at University is 8%[5].

The decrease seen in enrolment throughout the education system in Cambodia is something PEPY Empowering Youth is acutely aware of. Through our Education and Community Development programs our aim is to supplement the current curriculum, while increasing awareness of the benefits of staying in education.


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